I Moved!

Remember that huge secret I was keeping from you? Well, it’s finally time to let you guys know that I have started a photography business! Yes, tis’ true and explains my prolonged absence. I would be so honored if you checked out the goods and followed along on my new blog. Thank you all for your support!

Find me at SabraLattos.com and follow me here!


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3 thoughts on “I Moved!

  1. PhotoGirl says:

    New photography businesses seem to pop up like mushrooms after a spring rain. Some go the distance, others, not so much.

    You seem to have a great eye and a real passion for the camera, so I hope you’ll be very successful. Of course, it takes so much more than just those two things, as you will soon discover.

    After 10 years in the business, my unsolicited suggestions are:

    Make sure you have enough capital. When done properly, this is a VERY expensive business to be in.

    Don’t quit your day job for at least a couple of years, no matter how tempted you may be to do otherwise.

    Charge appropriately. I cannot stress that enough! If people want Sears prices, send them there!

    Don’t be afraid to hire help, train them, and delegate. And when the good ones leave you to go off on their own, don’t take it personally.

    Beware of workshops, internet forums, and the like. Sometimes you learn something valuable, mostly you just part with your hard-earned cash.

    Wedding photography can make you a decent living, but it can also make you crazy. Choose wisely.

    Never be afraid to tell a client that you are not the right person for the job. When your inner voice gives you a warning, listen!

    When you turn your passion into your career, you can lose enthusiasm for both. Balance is the (very) elusive key.

    Good luck!

  2. magazinic says:

    Great move! I hope you prosper in photography business. Glad to be here. Thanks

    Tampa wedding photographer

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