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Monster Shoot

On Saturday, we took a stroll by the beach and an impromptu photo shoot happened.  You guys, The Monster attracts more attention than Kim Kardashian and there was a small group surrounding us while The Husband took snapshots. I now know what it’s like to be a B-list celebrity.

Between the wind, the crowd and Dexter’s curiosity, I was battling a whole shitload of elements. The photos aren’t perfect, but it’s a pretty good depiction of a day in the life of The Monster.


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Glass Half Empty

I hate this week. I hate this week. I hate this week. Why all the negativity on a Friday? Because this week sucked donkey. When I’m having a really awful time at my day job, I remind myself that I’m doing all of this to put these guys through college. I hope they appreciate the sacrifices we make.

Okay, since it’s almost the weekend, I’ll try to change my attitude. Happy Friday sugar plums! Life is beautiful.

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