Inspired by Cobbold Du Pont

I’ve never been the type to redecorate one space at a time, mostly because I have self-diagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder. I’m currently updating the dining room and the office and hadn’t planned on adding anything else on my To Do list, until I saw this room designed by Rebecca Du Pont De Bie and Caroline Cobbold.

This space is screaming to be recreated and our master bedroom is the perfect canvas. The reason I’m so drawn to this particular room is because it contains a lot of the elements already in mine, making it that much easier to copy. I’ve been bored to death with my white curtains, taupe walls and black furniture, but this photo reminds me that with a few upgrades, my room can go from bland to glam.

(Image via Desire to Inspire)

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2 thoughts on “Inspired by Cobbold Du Pont

  1. Marianna says:

    Oh dear!
    How can you handle all the projects running together?
    I feel dizzy only by reading you 🙂
    About the bedroom… is it only to me that it strikes too dark?
    I would love to see some color to it… perhaps something mauve would fit nicely with the black background.
    Well… ignore me! I am sure you have the perfect inspiration ready to to come in material since you actually live in there.
    Good luck!!!!!!!

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