Not So Sexy Master

The only space left in my house that I really detest is our master bedroom.  Masters are supposed to make you feel sexy and stuff, but mine just kind of makes me want to overdose on Tylenol PM. It’ll be a while before we actually redecorate since the Husband made me swear I’d give it a break until his semester is over (apparently, I’m incapable of performing home improvement projects without his help), but there’s no harm in a little bedroom inspiration to prep for the inevitable. None of these rooms have anything in common, except that I want to sleep in them. I’m going to put together a vibe tray a la Kelly Wearstler and present it to the Husband with the promise of significantly higher bedroom activity should we move forward with the project.

via Nuevo Estilo

via Desire to Inspire

via Nuevo Estilo

via Decor Pad

via Sketch42

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2 thoughts on “Not So Sexy Master

  1. […] bitched about my master bedroom an annoying number of times on this blog, but every time I consider redecorating, my brain forgets […]

  2. joAnn says:

    haha, good strategy…sex is the ultimate motivator 🙂


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