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Paint Me a Picture

I started this art project a few weeks ago, but can’t pull myself away from the CW Network long enough to finish. I’ve only gone so far as to resurface these old canvas clocks and they’ve since been blocking the Husband’s motorcycle parking in the garage. He’s starting to show signs of aggression. So I’ve been obsessively perusing blogs in search of inspration. It wasn’t too hard to find.

I LOVE this piece from Jen of Made by Girl

And all of Nicole’s paintings from Sketch42 make me wish we were best friends and it was my birthday.

Purchase  Nicole Cohen’s paintings from her Etsy shop.

I also love the modern simplicity of these black and white prints.
Image via Decor Pad

Image via Decor Pad

I have a couple of days off of work next week before my trip to Atlanta so maybe I’ll bust out my paintbrushes.

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Somedays, I fancy myself an artist. I’m not good, but years of practice doing paint-by-numbers has taught me a thing or two about the craft. I recently decided to repurpose four square canvases I have stashed in my garage. I’m going to resurface them with gesso, splatter on some paint and call it modern art. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll go back to my coloring books.

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Inspired by Cobbold Du Pont

I’ve never been the type to redecorate one space at a time, mostly because I have self-diagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder. I’m currently updating the dining room and the office and hadn’t planned on adding anything else on my To Do list, until I saw this room designed by Rebecca Du Pont De Bie and Caroline Cobbold.

This space is screaming to be recreated and our master bedroom is the perfect canvas. The reason I’m so drawn to this particular room is because it contains a lot of the elements already in mine, making it that much easier to copy. I’ve been bored to death with my white curtains, taupe walls and black furniture, but this photo reminds me that with a few upgrades, my room can go from bland to glam.

(Image via Desire to Inspire)

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