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Impulse Shopping

I impulsively shopped online yesterday. And I blame bloggers. Stop showing me things I want/need/havetohave. At approximately 12 p.m yesterday, I located these on Molliee’s blog. Purchased.

And then Tamra had to go and look all gorgeous wearing this shirt. Purchased.

I’m content. For now.

Oh and to clarify, I only bought myself one of the items on yesterday’s list. The others are available if you feel like getting me something 😉

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1. What do we think of Zara’s TRF collection? Personally, I want to adorn my upper half in lace and flokati.

2. How do we feel about colored faux fur? I’m still on the fence.

I’m off to my first holiday party of the season tonight followed by more social activities this weekend. I love December. TGIF mofos!


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A Little Treat

I made my first online Zara purchase yesterday. It was entirely motivated by these these images. Can you guess what I bought? Happy Friday to me!

Photos 1 & 3 – Zara, 2 – StockholmStreetStyle

Buy it here!

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Mall Rat

My office is a quarter of a mile from a mall. There was a time I would haul ass there every chance I got to buy myself a reward for working in a cubicle all day. It occurred to me recently that I haven’t stepped near the place in months. I think this means I’ve evolved as an office worker.

It’s been too damn long since I’ve bought myself a “I work in a cubicle all day poor me I need a new necklace for my sacrifices” gift so here’s a list of stuff I covet and will probably buy the next time I feel suffocated at work.

1. H&M chiffon dress
2. H&M boyfriend blazer
3. Anthropologie summer sorbet scarf
4. Anthropologie sliced stone earrings
5. Zara fashion city bag
6. Anthropologie beaded mercury wedges

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