Mall Rat

My office is a quarter of a mile from a mall. There was a time I would haul ass there every chance I got to buy myself a reward for working in a cubicle all day. It occurred to me recently that I haven’t stepped near the place in months. I think this means I’ve evolved as an office worker.

It’s been too damn long since I’ve bought myself a “I work in a cubicle all day poor me I need a new necklace for my sacrifices” gift so here’s a list of stuff I covet and will probably buy the next time I feel suffocated at work.

1. H&M chiffon dress
2. H&M boyfriend blazer
3. Anthropologie summer sorbet scarf
4. Anthropologie sliced stone earrings
5. Zara fashion city bag
6. Anthropologie beaded mercury wedges

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13 thoughts on “Mall Rat

  1. Naomi says:

    Hi Sabra!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comments 🙂

    Personally, I avoid malls like the plague. But that H&M dress is calling my name. It’s almost beach season and that seems like the perfect beach to bar cover up.

  2. soapy says:

    your blog is a really lovely place..

  3. oooh, mall close to work=danger. that used to be the case with me. Cute picks!!

  4. That chiffon maxi dress is perfect!!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

  5. Bridget Mack says:

    I used to go to the mall. Now I workout at lunch. Healthier for me and my checkbook!

  6. You most definitely deserve all of these things. Cubicles = ick. And such a good mall that it has all of those goodies!

  7. I also work wayyy to close to a mall… its dangerous, but often very convenient

  8. elizabeth says:

    One of the major reasons that I would move from this city is that we do not have an H&M or a Zara. Love those choices!
    -e (

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