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I’m tired of the same rib and restalyne look in Hollywood. Today I’m inspired by Jane Fonda. Do you guys watch Newsroom? If not, do so immediately. It’s realz good. And Ms. Fonda made a guest appearance on Sunday night’s episode. Unfortunately, she’s become victim to the rib and restalyne look. I guess it’s just the evolution of Hollywood.


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Do you guys watch Girls? Well let me tell you that this Lena Dunham character is my idol. HBO just asked this 26-year-old girl to create whatever show she wanted and voila…she comes up with genius. She’s writes, directs, stars and produces the mother effin series. Even The Husband watches the show with me and sometimes LOLs. It’s not just for girls. It’s unapologetically raw and hilarious. I want to be Lena.

Read her interview with the New York Times here.


Images via Elle and Interview Magazine

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