Teenage Nightmare

I love my dogs, but I’ve been having a really rough week with Dexter. He’s 16 months old now and he’s an asshole. I think this is his teenage stage. He no longer sits on command, snatches food from the kitchen and thinks my arm is a bully stick. I’ve had puppies before, but none have ever outweighed me, which makes him near impossible to handle when he’s rowdy. On our drive to the park yesterday morning, I almost made a beeline to the pound when he wouldn’t stop barking at the other dogs we passed and nearly smashed my car window with his paw. I had to remind myself that he’s not always going to be an asshole. I’m really looking forward to his senior years.

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5 thoughts on “Teenage Nightmare

  1. […] cleaning from top to bottom. Everything was in pristine condition for exactly 27 minutes. And then Dexter decided to tear through the house, shaking his head and splattering blood ALL over my couch and […]

  2. megan says:

    Oh my goodness, Dexter is a doll!!! Thanks for leaving me a comment so I could find your wonderful blog!

  3. Rebecca June says:

    Meanwhile I had the saddest night with my little girl. SHe decided she wanted to go out at 2:30am in the dark and rain and I was so angry because she never does this. Then she did it at 3, 4, 5…thats when I realized something was wrong with my baby girl. It broke my heart I was so mad at her the first time she woke me up.


    Rebecca June

  4. Omg…I seriously burst out laughing when I read the line “He’s 16 months old now and he’s an asshole”

  5. Marianna says:

    I know this must not be funny for you -at all,
    but i really laughed a lot with post!
    …oh and the photo is soooo matching with the attitude you describe :))

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