Paris je t’aime

I’m back and fuzzy in the brain! Our trip was magical. Being in Paris with your best friends when you’re not starving college students really is an incredible experience. Now I don’t want to take a vacation without my friends in tow. The Husband is thrilled about that.

I took an obscene amount of photos that I haven’t sifted through yet, so for now here are some iPhone shots of our days in Paris!





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20 thoughts on “Paris je t’aime

  1. Joewell says:

    Sounds great, but next time try Rome and I bet you’ll take even more photos!

  2. Ah, I was in Paris in October, and your pictures are making me soooo nostalgic! It was freezing and raining when we were there, though, I hope you had better weather.

  3. You guys gave those Parisians a run for their money, I have absolutely no doubts. What a gorgeous group of ladies! Looks like you had a ball and deservedly so!

  4. oh travel envy. i’m not sure how many hints i have left to drop to the mr swoon. but believe me i will be forwarding these fab pics!

  5. Beth C says:

    Lovely pictures. Paris is absolutely amazing! I was just there a couple of months ago, and just finally got around to posting some pics on my blog.

  6. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous! Jealous, Jealous, Jealous!!!!

  7. Kirby says:

    Ah I am so jealous! I can’t wait to see more photos, including some from the wedding!

  8. alisonannie says:

    Cant wait to see the photos – don’t keep us in suspense!

  9. Oh sweet blogger friend I’ve missed you… BUT I was so envious and loved living through your vacay!! You are gorgeous, my friend and it looked like y’all had an amazing time… btw, the bride!?!?! Unbelievable! So gorgeous she was!

  10. Great photos! I went to Paris, and then to Portugal (various cities/towns) one spring and it was gorgeous. I can only imagine how stunning it must be in the winter. Swoon!

  11. designstiles says:

    You’ve been missed. We should set up a skype date. Or better yet, you can James should come visit us soon! Did you know it was a year ago that we started planing TH and Is trip to San Diego? So maybe if we start planing yours now, we’ll have you over in the summer too 🙂
    Ha! I totally laughed about Europing when you’re not a starving college student. So true.

  12. such a fab vacay – I followed you on Insta and was so jelly!!

  13. I spent the Summer in France when I was 14. Huge difference going with my husband recently. Both great experiences, but I know what you mean!

  14. Kecia says:

    Welcome back! So happy you had a great time! Loved following your adventures on Instagram! The hubs and I are heading back to Paris for NYE! Cannot wait!


  15. ROCKSTAR vaca!!!! So happy for you!

  16. Can I just say… following your instagram I would’ve thought you were living a real life Gossip Girl extravaganza. Seriously. Insane. WHO is this friend that got married? A princess? So fun. You looked so gorgeous in every pic!

  17. Neda says:

    Your smiles say it all…so happy you had a blast! xx

  18. kristina says:

    Welcome back + might I say that you both look so happy! 🙂

  19. Lisa says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! I LOVE Paris! Lucky you. 🙂

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