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What I Ate This Weekend

On Saturday I made my own version of a gorgeous chopped Greek bean salad courtesy of Bri Emery. I traded in one block of feta for buffalo mozzarella (it’s what I had in my fridge) and threw in some zucchini and any other vegetable that struck my fancy. My salad  would more aptly be called a chopped Italian bean salad. I’ve decided to have an affair with cannellini beans. Chickpeas just aren’t doing it for me anymore.

Then on Sunday, the Husband (who pretty much has weekend breakfast duty) made me his grandpa’s famous Swedish pancakes, which are essentially delightful sweet crepes. I like to fold it into fourths, drizzle real maple syrup all over and top it off with strawberries. I’m still talking about breakfast.

And for dinner…a frozen pizza. Yes, I said FROZEN PIZZA! Sometimes, I can’t bear to cook (like on nights when True Blood and Entourage are on back to back) so I keep a cheese pizza in the freezer for those occasions. I do, however, dress it up with vegetables. In this case, it was zucchini, jalapenos, bell peppers and onion.

All images by me.

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