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Vegetarian Stuffing

Stuffing is my favorite Thanksgiving indulgence, but I’m a vegetarian and most stuffing is made with poultry broth. I was ready to forgo this treat altogether this year when I spotted a French baguette in my kitchen that the Husband and I miraculously hadn’t eaten. I foraged my fridge and came out with celery, carrots, leeks, fresh thyme, rosemary and parsley. Forty minutes later and voilĂ , I have a perfectly simple, yet satisfying vegetarian stuffing.

I sauteed onions, celery, carrots and leeks in about 2 tablespoons of Earth Balance butter (I’m not vegan, but I love the way it tastes and it’s so much healthier). Then I added the fresh herbs, baguette cubes and a cup of veggie broth.

Once the liquid was almost soaked, I transfered to a casserole dish, topped with bread crumbs and parmesan cheese (the Husband insisted) and baked for about 30 minutes. I was afraid the final result would be a bit bland, but the French bread and herbs make all the difference. It’s pretty divine.

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