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The Books Aren’t Real

Good use of bookcase wallpaper no?
Designed by Florence Lopez via Côté Maison

It just occurred to me that I haven’t taken a photograph in 11 days, which is sabotaging the cost per use calcuations that made my new camera the most inexpensive gift I’ve ever received. I’ve been so overwhelmed at my day job lately that all I want to do during my free time is browse the Internet for other people’s photos and projects. I guess you could say I’m feeling uninspired at the moment.

The good news is that I’m announcing my first giveaway next week! Also, it’s almost the weekend and I’m thinking about maybe possibly indulging in a carbohydrate since I’ve been so good.

Happy Friday!

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Most little girls dream about their wedding day. I used to fantasize about my library. I’m 27 and I’ve yet to see that fantasy fulfilled. Sure I have a couple of bookshelves with hundreds of paperbacks and some old college textbooks, but what I really desire is an adult library. I want floor to ceiling bookshelves lined with real hardback copies of “smart” books and maybe even one of those ladders that I can climp to get to something out of reach. Unfortunately, the space for a library in our home is non-existent, so I’ll have to wait a while longer for my Cinderella moment.

(All images: Elegant in Design) 

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