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Spaghetti and the Black Keys

Friday night’s dinner looked a lot fancier than it was. I dressed up some regular jarred pasta sauce with chopped chard and fresh herbs, toasted bread and gouda, and opened a couple bottles of wine (we like to wine taste whilst indulging in simple carbohydrates). The whole scene was very Lady and the Tramp except we didn’t feed each other.

The Husband spent the rest of the weekend studying for finals and I laid around a lot. We took a break from studying and laying around to see the Black Keys in concert on Saturday night. A few observations: Urban Outfitters threw up on 92 percent of the population; mosh pits are not a thing of the past; smoking weed in mosh pits is not a thing of the past; Red Stripe beer really isn’t so bad; I need a pair of over-the-knee boots; the Black Keys are talented individuals.


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