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Purple Kale Tacos and Bloody Margaritas

Purple kale is my new favorite vegetable. It’s aesthetically pleasing and sends my taste buds aquiver. I know I risk sounding like a douche (although the word “aquiver” already qualifies me), but you guys, I can’t get enough of the surprises that come in my┬ábi-weekly produce box from our local CSA. Purple kale, red potatoes, fresh cilantro and blood oranges! I used my lack of culinary skills to throw together these tacos and blood orange margaritas. I didn’t use a recipe so I’ll try to remember exactly what I did in case you want to try this at home.


1 Small onion coarsely chopped (red, white, yellow…whatever makes you happy)
1 bunch purple kale
2 red potatoes diced small (unpeeled)
2 cups of loosely packed cilantro
1 can of black beans
1 tbsp of olive oil

Saute the onions and potatoes in olive oil for about 15 minutes. Add a splash of water if potatoes start sticking to the pan. Add a little cumin and smoked paprika. Throw in the kale, black beans and cilantro and cook covered for about 10 minutes (until potatoes are tender). Serve on a whole grain tortilla, top with sliced avocado and cilantro and eat it.

The Husband’s reaction to my concoction — “if I had ordered this meal in a restaurant, I’d be ecstatic.” Best compliment ever right?

Blood Orange Margaritas:

Tequila of your choice (we used El Agave Silver and it was delic!)
4 blood oranges
2 limes
Splash of cointreau

I don’t know bar speak, but you basically just mix everything together and serve over ice. Garnish with cilantro. Oh and don’t forget to rim the glass with salt.

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