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Paris je t’aime

I’m back and fuzzy in the brain! Our trip was magical. Being in Paris with your best friends when you’re not starving college students really is an incredible experience. Now I don’t want to take a vacation without my friends in tow. The Husband is thrilled about that.

I took an obscene amount of photos that I haven’t sifted through yet, so for now here are some iPhone shots of our days in Paris!





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Going to the Desert

A salt water pool and lavender mojitos are awaiting our arrival in Palm Springs. Tomorrow I’ll announce the winner of the Made by Maru giveaway. Wednesday, I will be drinking in the sun. That means I’ll see you guys on Thursday. Don’t hate!

You can also follow my shenanigans on Instagram.

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Dogs and Food

I’m still pretty ill (thanks for the well wishes angels!).  Luckily my Iphone was busy last week and I have some stuff to share so you don’t write me off completely. Here’s a look at life according to my phone:

My little ewok finally stood still long enough to be photographed.

Fluffiest pancakes in town a la Beach Grass Cafe!

Poppy getting into trouble on the streets of Del Mar.

I baked pumpkin bread and it was edible. Recipe later this week.

Fall in Southern California. Our leaves change colors too.

According to my Iphone, I do a lot of eating and staring at my dogs.

And for those that asked, I have yet to publicize my Instagram account. I’m sure I’ll get comfortable enough to do it soon. So stay tuned!

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