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I’m leaving for Europe in two weeks (I realize how ridiculously pretentious that sounds) and so me not blogging on the reg is to prepare you for my absence (even more pretentious I know). But I am so incredibly busy planning my outfits and buying mini shampoo and conditioner that blogging has fallen by the wayside.

Just kidding you guys. My days are spent fulfilling my corporate duties and now that The Husband is home every night, we cook dinner together and actually have in depth conversations about stuff. I’ve also been hard at work on my secret project and catching up on Homeland. Oh and this is the first weekend I’ll be at home in weeks so I look forward to planning my outfits for Europe 😉

Happy Friday!


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Fun Stuff

I’m still trying to get over feeling tired and hungover so please forgive me for my lameness. I have big plans for this three-day weekend, which also marks the last weekend before The Husband goes back to school for another semester. I’m going to attempt to acquire a taste for scotch and watch a marathon of Homeland. Doesn’t that sound like a ball? Happy Friday!

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