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Pajama Pants

Yay or nay?

I don’t have the balls. Plus, bold patterns don’t mesh well with my hips.


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I’m feeling this FGR editorial in so many ways. I think it’s the liquid eyeliner that’s really speaking to me.


Photography: Mick de Lint
Styling: Merle Groeskamp
Makeup: Corinne van der Heijden
Model: Rianne Haspels

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Bikini Time Again

I figure I got another couple of years before I say goodbye to the bikini so I may as well get it out of my system and go wild this summer. We’re going to Palm Springs in a few weeks, hence “Operation Look Less Bloated” so this acts as a motivation for me to stay off the alcohol until then.



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Street Style Circa 1944

Even before the inception of blogs, young women would dress in their finest and prance around the streets hoping to be photographed. And photographed they were! One can argue that Alfred Eisenstaedt was The Sartorialist of the 20th century. I present you the Beautiful Girls in New York series he shot for LIFE magazine in the ’40s. See narcissism existed long before the Internet.


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Outfit/Weight Loss Inspiration

I will continue to wear ripped jeans until someone tells me to start dressing my age. I paid good money for a pair of perfectly shredded jeans last year that I’m having trouble fitting into this year.  After realizing this last night I panicked and baked brownies from a box and washed them down with too much bubbly. Then I felt nauseous. So today, you guys, marks the first day of “Operation Look Less Bloated,” which essentially means I’m going to replace alcohol with water and cut back on the pizza. Who knew a pair of ripped jeans could be so inspirational.

P.S. They even look secksy on men!

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Double Bag It

Yay or nay?

I say: Are you effing kidding me! If this is the newest handbag trend, then I may as well expire today.

Twinset trend via Net-A-Porter

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How to be classy and seductive simultaneously. My goal in life.


Publication: Velvet Italy
Model: Irina Kulikova
Photography: Karen Collins

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Vogue Turkey is killing it with this editorial. Wearing designer dresses and being the center of attention on a beach is at the top of my bucket list.  Can you tell I have my priorities in order?

Also, it seems my eyebrows are incredibly popular among models. Also, today is my Friday as I’m taking tomorrow off to get pummeled by a Thai masseuse and then drink away the pain.

Publication: Vogue Turkey
Issue: March 2012
Title: Desert Jazz
Models: Ranya Mordanova and Janice Seinen Alida
Photography: Phil Poynter
Styling: Ece Sukan

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Impulse Shopping

I impulsively shopped online yesterday. And I blame bloggers. Stop showing me things I want/need/havetohave. At approximately 12 p.m yesterday, I located these on Molliee’s blog. Purchased.

And then Tamra had to go and look all gorgeous wearing this shirt. Purchased.

I’m content. For now.

Oh and to clarify, I only bought myself one of the items on yesterday’s list. The others are available if you feel like getting me something 😉

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7th Heaven

Jessica Biel usually bores the hell out of me. But, seriously, she looks gooood in this W Magazine spread. The interview, however, is every bit as blah as I imagined it would be. Read it here if you want to fall asleep.

Photographs by Mikael Jansson
Styled by Edward Enninful

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