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(Wo)Man Cave

Remember this room?

Now it looks a little more like this…


Not as ugly

I had no intention of redecorating our loft space, but my cousin was moving out of her apartment and had some furniture to get rid of and I couldn’t let the opportunity pass by. A couple of coats of chalkboard paint, a new couch and armchair and some accessories completely turned the once overcrowded room into a less overcrowded room. There are still a few things left to do like draw on the walls and insert a bookshelf along the back of the space, but overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

The Husband refuses to have me go on calling the loft a man cave though. Acoording to him, the pink pillow officially converts the space into female territory. So despite my orginally trying to create a nicer place for the Husband to enjoy football games, I inadvertantly turned it into my own haven where I can sip wine and watch Sex and the City in peace. Amen.

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Did I catch your attention? Good. Now back to my boring home decor post, which has nothing to do with sex. I snatched these horn candlesticks at the flea market for $10. They’re replicas of much more expensive versions I’ve seen online. I’m going to spray paint them since the black isn’t really doing it for me. Should I go with a glossy white or a brassy gold? Tell me what to do.

We had an exhausting weekend filled with endless driving, relocating furniture, painting and other body-breaking work. The man cave is still in the works, but it looks like a completely new space after just 48 hours. I’ll post progress photos soon. Happy Monday cheries!

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Winning Streak

This week has been really good to me. The Husband surprised me with this, my friend confirmed she’s moving back to town and I won the Young House Love giveaway! We also finally got around to hanging our mirror in the dining room and the man cave was cleared out for an upcoming project. It may or may not involve chalkboard paint and used new furniture. I think the animals are going to have to  pick up some paintbrushes and make themselves more useful this time around. The Husband’s patience with my painting projects is wearing thin.

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