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These rooms cause me to experience extreme elation, which is the opposite of how I normally feel on Monday mornings.

image via 6th street design school

image via 6th street design school

image via chicago home magazine

image via apartment therapy

image via apartment therapy

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Envy: Dreamy Loft Space

I banish the Husband to our small loft space when there’s a football/basketball/baseball/badminton/lacrosse game on TV and he doesn’t appreciate since he’d rather watch on our large flat screen downstairs. We argue about who has to go up there and he pretty much always loses. I thought the space was doomed until I saw this photo on Apartment Therapy today. If I could make my loft look like this, I will permanently move in. I smell another project.

(Image via Apartment Therapy)

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Bath Time

I’ve always been more of a shower girl, but I would happily change my ways if I could soak in one of these tubs.

(Images: Apartment Therapy)


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