Best Bridal Shower Ever

We threw the most beautiful bridal shower for the most beautiful bride-to-be this weekend. I realized a party is no party without balloons and a mini Pomeranian. I Instagramed to high heaven but I also managed to take a million photos with my real camera so you’ll have to excuse me as I relive the shower detail by detail this week. If this party was any indication of what we can expect at the wedding next month, then I consider myself the luckiest bitch alive for being able to attend.

Till we meet in Paris my gorgeous #weddingcrew!

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19 thoughts on “Best Bridal Shower Ever

  1. […] photos I captured from the best bridal shower ever. I know I’m impossibly late in sharing these but life is more hectic than usual. Still […]

  2. SO spectacular- perfectly refined and playful! Just starting to work our way through this beautiful blog and having a ball!


  3. Seriously – PERFECTION! I loved seeing these and those flowers (I know I just said that in the earlier post)…. but really??? Gorgeous! Loved the heart balloons and can you girls get anymore gorgeous???? Nope!! xx

  4. […] photos I captured from the best bridal shower ever. I know I’m impossibly late in sharing these but life is more hectic than usual. Still […]

  5. Good God this is one baller ass wedding shower! Stunning! All of you Bs look like super models. Where was this hosted? That chancy is a stunnah! This could be in a magazine. I want some cake! I want some champagne! I want a pomeranian!

  6. julipmade says:

    What a gorgeous party Sabra! You do the inner Martha in me proud. Also that chandelier is stunning and only adds the glam/ girlyness of the party!

  7. elizabeth says:

    jeez, Sabs – the cakes look like wedding cakes! I can’t believe how gorgeous and rich the table and everything looks – and I adore the purple hair! I have never seen a prettier shower!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  8. Belen Otero says:

    just 4 more weeks till we are sipping on champagne and eating more macaroons in Paris!!! This past weekend was so much fun! Can not wait for next month! #luckybitches

  9. Holy moly it’s gorgeous! And you are all stunning! Them’s gonna be some beautiful photos. Can’t wait to see. xo

  10. Umm that seriously is the most beautiful sophisticated and fabulous shower ever! It is my favorite. I love every single detail! Fabulous job, I was stalking your insta pics and obessively liking each pic. x

  11. when I get engaged I’m flying you out here to throw me a party. Dayum this is classy!

  12. Lauren says:

    I saw on the pix on instagram. This looked amazing! And the wedding’s in Paris?! Can’t wait to see! xo

  13. Alexa says:

    Oh my goodness love all of the gorgeous details here!

  14. kristina says:

    Love love + love! Your friend’s hair is gorgeous + that purple fondant cake is UNreal! Xoxo

  15. it look soooo amazing Sabra! what a great friend! you have the best party design skills!!!

  16. I was dying over all of these pix on insta this weekend! How amazing was that shower? Seriously looked like the best one ever. And you and your girls are drop dead gorge! 🙂 xoxo

  17. designstiles says:

    So pretty. Beautiful, in fact. You know, I macraons were in my dream last night and I think it may have been because of your pictures. Share your real pics soon!

  18. So many beautiful details! I hope you share photos from the wedding!! Thanks for posting!

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