I think I’m ready to wear dark lipstick again without being reminded of my poor makeup choices in 1998. I’ll let you know how it works out. TGIF!

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13 thoughts on “Lush

  1. OK you have convinced me to buy some dark lipstick. If we stay away from the matte look or even dark red lipliner, I think we can avoid the Friends look. hahaha

  2. I get scared to try this out but i think I can get there slowly:)

  3. Amanda Hill says:

    I am so much more comfortable in a drk jewel red lip!

  4. designstiles says:

    Were you lip liner kind of girl? 🙂

  5. alexa says:

    Love the dark colors. I really have to get comfortable with them!

  6. Girl I’m all about some ruby red… get chu the tub of cashmeen hangup from MAC… it’s gorgeous and has a slight purple undertone that would look amaze nuts with your hair!

  7. kristina says:

    me too! it’s sooo 1994 isn’t it?, but still gorgeous as ever! xoxo

  8. elizabeth says:

    I love dark lipstick but when it starts wearing off it bothers me. I do love it, though. That pic of you and your dog making out is amazeballs.
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  9. Neda says:

    I was scared too, but no more….Tom Ford Black Orchid. Highly recommend trying it!

  10. ashley says:

    can’t wait to see the results! I’ve been thinking of doing bordeaux lips, but am worried that I’ll resemble the cast of ‘Friends’ in their early years.

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