So in addition to our trip to France for the wedding in November, we’ve decided to also head to Spain since we’ll already be in that area. When in Europe right? We’re in the process of making plans and I need your advice loyal readers. Barcelona is most definitely on the list. I really want to go to San Sebastian, but the more I think about it, the more all the travel back and forth between countries and cities seems frantic. What do you think? Should we stay in Barcelona the entire week or is it worth visiting another city?

If we do visit another city, our requirements are as follows: It has to be close to Barcelona as we don’t have time to gallivant all over Spain. And there must be direct transportation back to Paris, which is where we eventually depart.

Tell me what to do.


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22 thoughts on “España

  1. Hi! I’m from Madrid and although I now live in Mexico City (long story) I would HIGHLY recommend you to fit Madrid into your agenda. This way you’ll get a taste of Spain’s two most important cities, both SO different but SO fascinating! You can stay in Barcelona for 4 days and then take the famous supersonic train AVE to Madrid for another three/four days (you´ll be there in under 3 hours). You just can’t miss Madrid… it’s so regal, and elegant, the food is to die for, the museums are world-famous, the shopping is great… I could go on and on. A lot of money was invested in the city in the past few years and it has lived a wonderful revivaI, in spite of the economic crisis.
    The north of Spain is beautiful and San Sebastian (which I know well) is special, but the weather this time of year is atrocious, it will be probably rain the whole time you’re there. I would recommend going there in the summer months, definitely not during the weather, it can be quite depressing (no offense anyone!). Madrid will be cold, but the weather is much milder than in the north.
    If you finally decide to travel to Madrid give me a shout and I’ll give you great tips on hotels, restaurants & shops.
    xoxo Susana

  2. Girl, I’m so excited for your adventures – so soon! What an amazing place for a wedding and I assume these gorgeous showers you’ve been hosting are for that bride? What a trip!

  3. I think you can spend the whole week in Barcelona and doing a bit of tourism around it (Sitges, a little town near the sea a twenty km from Barcelona, Girona a Beautiful and full of story city 100 km (you’ll see it from the road if you come from france by car)). Writte me if you want some more tips! I’ll sen you an e-mail with a bit more!

  4. This could possibly be the most glam trip I have every heard of. I am envious beyond belief but I can’t wait to live vicariously through you on Instagram.

  5. alexa says:

    Ahhh but I’ve heard such wonderful things about San Sebastian. Could you make it work?

  6. City girl says:

    I went to Barcelona a few years ago and stayed for a week. I shopped and saw sights and it was a wonderful trip. the Gaudy architecture is breathtaking, the churches …oh my. A week in Barcelona is a treat unto itself. I did take the Eurorail to some small town in my handbook and it was nice but it paled in comparison! I am not sure if you speak Spanish or not but a lot of people there speak English.

  7. Neda says:

    San Sebastian, San Sebastian, San Sebastian! One of my favorite cities in Spain…amazing food, quaint town, picturesque views, romantic and very chic…

  8. If you can squeeze in another city to visit, I say go for it! We went to Barcelona on our Honeymoon and though there was PLENTY to see and do, you can probably squeeze it into 3 – 4 days and then visit a second place. 🙂

  9. fun! I heard Spain is amazing! my little sis is going there for her honeymoon next summer!

  10. designstiles says:

    I LOVE Espana. Did the study abroad thing in Salamanca, which I would recommend but that’s way off to the other side of Spain. TH and I were in Barcelona for about 12 hours but it was a debacle. Lost my wallet, missed our train. That’s the crux of the story. We’ll have to tell you the details next time we hang out. But for the short amount of time we were there, we thought it was beautiful. It’s on our list to go back actually.

  11. I’ve yet to visit either, so I’m no help! But that is awesome you are extending your trip. If you need someone to carry your bags, taste test your wine, etc, call me I can go with!

  12. Katie says:

    San Sebastian is the shit. You should totally go there if you have time. Having said that, Barcelona is amazing and you could easily fill a week there with a few day trips. May I suggest Sitges (artsy, gay-friendly, beach town an hour away by train) for one. But, the Basque country-side is lovely, relaxing, and such a cool part of Spain! I was there last summer, so if you want more tips let me know! Get ready to drink, stroll and eat ham and olives until 4am!

  13. decoratica says:

    Hahaha! I’ve been reading your blog for about a week and sunddenly this… 🙂
    You know, as in every country there are “feuds” between cities, right? Well, I’m from Bilbao (that has historically been the “ugly sister” of San Sebastian) and I live in Madrid (forever comfronted to Barcelona) 🙂
    I know Barcelona it’s famous around the world and everybody wants to go there and it’s a really beautiful city…. It sure worths a visit, but if you want to see and live the real spanish “fiesta” you’ll have to take a ride to Madrid 😉
    I would definitely suggest Bilbao, of course, it’s not only beautiful in it’s own way but much more fun and there’s a lot more going one there (you can’t skip the Fine Art Museum and yes, we have our own Guggenheim!). The basque food it’s well known, so you won’t regret spending your moneys in the great restaurants we have… The coastside it’s really beautiful, full of fishermen villages that worth a visit and the Cantabric sea… (no, nobody pays me to say this 🙂
    Also, you can visit San Sebastian (it’s just an hour away by car, a little more in public transportation) and we have an international airport where I’m sure there are direct flights to Paris.

    So, let me suggest:

    If you want to visit San Sebastian: 2-3 days in Barcelona and the rest of the week in Bilbao -San Sebastian. Hire a car and discover the basque coast-side through San Sebastian (the countryside it’s also so beautiful…), I’m sure you won’t regret (unless you hate the rain 🙂 Get a restaurant guide and have fun!

    If you want to stay in Barcelona: Catalonia’s coast it’s also really beautifull. I would travel to the north (Gerona), there are many incredible small villages and you can visit Picasso’s hometown Cadaqués and experience the catalonian food, that it’s also great (but not as much as the basque :P)

    Have fun!

    • LWP says:

      This is great info! How is the weather in November?

      • decoratica says:

        Cold 😦 Not as much as in Paris, but in the North (Bilbao – San Sebastian) it’s rainny, windy and cold (usually, sometimes the weather gets mad and it’s totally amazing). Not so cold in Barcelona (and definitely not so rainny), the mediterranean coast it’s usally milder, but not warm either in November…
        Hope my advise helps, I love people wanting to visit my country (specially the Basque country were I’m from – even if it’s San Sebastian 😀 ) so if I can help, I do it 😉
        (I will be back when I finally find the time to travel to the States for a little local advise ;))

  14. elizabeth says:

    I’m so jealous I cannot give a suggestion. I hate you.
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  15. Meg says:

    You should go spend a night in San Sebastian. Granted, I haven’t been there since 2003 when I was a junior in college . . . but I found it incredibly charming and chic. I lived in Madrid for nine months and traveled all around Spain – San Sebastian was one of my all time favorite places. I think it will be a nice more relaxing change of pace after Paris and Barcelona. I was also in Barcccccelona earlier this year if you want tips for that leg of your trip.

  16. PhotoGirl says:

    You can DEFINITELY spend a week in Barcelona and feel as if you’ve barely seen it. It’s beautiful. There’s an overnight train from Paris to Barcelona. Easy! You could also rent a car and drive from Paris to Barcelona. I’ve done this and it was fantastic. The E15 goes straight there, but you could also take a scenic route. I have a ton of travel tips if you want them — lived in Paris for 1/4 of my life. I think you can see my email address so please feel free to use it if you want more detailed info. Bon voyage!

  17. Aubrey says:

    Can you really go wrong with any of it??? (c: It’s going to be perfectly fantastic any way you cut it! (aka I’m absolutely *NO* help in the europe travel department (c;)

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