Paying Homage

This editorial inspired by Sophia Loren is my cup of tea. I am so clearly inspired by a specific type: Big hair and even bigger eyelashes.


Photography: Anna Palma @ Ray Brown Pro
Styling: Lauren Austin Wood
Prop Styling: Kerry Reardon @ Ray Brown Pro
Makeup and Hair: Willow Mayor @ Sarah Laird
Art Direction: Jennifer Hanna
Model: Lena @ Muse

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10 thoughts on “Paying Homage

  1. Belen Otero says:

    Love this editorial. She’s gorgeous!

  2. Dead on… the lashes and the hair are over the top… I love it!!! So classic!

  3. see i look at this and wish I had her lips. Blast my limp lips!

  4. Neda says:

    That second photo is probably one of the sexiest I’ve seen in a long time…wow!

  5. kristina says:

    Gorgeous hair right?! Xoxo, K

  6. designstiles says:

    zexy without being trashy is the best hot combo. loving the second image.

  7. The NOW says:

    Can I please look like that!??! Gorge pictures. And your comment on my blog was hilarious! haha! xoxo

  8. Aubrey says:

    This is ridiculously sexy…she is just so damn pretty!! And don’t even get me started on that rear…I can’t even imagine the millions of hours I would have to put in to getting mine to look like that! (c;

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