Pajama Pants

Yay or nay?

I don’t have the balls. Plus, bold patterns don’t mesh well with my hips.


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12 thoughts on “Pajama Pants

  1. elizabeth says:

    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  2. The NOW says:

    I love the look, but I don’t think my legs are long enough to handle a large print. They would have to be subtle!

  3. PhotoGirl says:


  4. Total YAY’s for me! I LOVE THEM! Are you kidding me??? I did this awhile back with some pj pants from Anthro and blogged my outfit… got a comment that said I was “Snookie of the South”… clearly they weren’t a fan, but I sure was! ha!

  5. designstiles says:

    I think I could maaaaayyybe pull off those last ones. And then when I’m ready to go to bed, I don’t even need to change.

  6. Rebecca June says:

    Nay. There is nothing else to say.


    Rebecca June

  7. designchic says:

    They look so comfy and if they are clearly pants, I would be so happy to have the comfort!!

  8. I say yay! I totes think you could rock this too!

  9. Gabriela says:

    Nay. Anything resembling pajama pants should never be worn in public.

  10. rebecca says:

    I’m gonna say nay on this one. Not the most flattering, even on the model!

  11. Sharon says:

    I don’t know ladies, the last two pics are pretty cute….The middle pic is a bad dream(hehe bad dream/pajama pants) from the 80’s…..

  12. Neda says:

    Nay! I’m with you on the hips factor. Plus, even though my hubbie never really has a strong opinion about what I wear, I’m pretty sure he’d make fun of me for days if I tried wearing pajama pants. Have a great week! xx

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