Vogue Turkey is killing it with this editorial. Wearing designer dresses and being the center of attention on a beach is at the top of my bucket list.  Can you tell I have my priorities in order?

Also, it seems my eyebrows are incredibly popular among models. Also, today is my Friday as I’m taking tomorrow off to get pummeled by a Thai masseuse and then drink away the pain.

Publication: Vogue Turkey
Issue: March 2012
Title: Desert Jazz
Models: Ranya Mordanova and Janice Seinen Alida
Photography: Phil Poynter
Styling: Ece Sukan

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10 thoughts on “

  1. You always showcase the best spreads… seriously this is perfection… everything about it… totally digging the vid production crew guys and their wardrobe.

  2. belenotero says:

    LOVE! Enjoy ur long weekend doll!

  3. deuxchicago says:

    Happy belated! Frankly – I find that model kind of terrifying, but I’m loving the man candy. (Is the guy in pic 4 that she’s stroking wearing a necklace? Is it weird that I love it?) Enjoy your long weekend! 🙂 -laura

  4. everswoon says:

    Omg then your eyebrows are the shiz. i pencil my badboys in. Where did the hair go??? btw – getting pummeled at a massage sounds like heaven. I’m sitting here so stressed with my shoulders at my ears. not hot.

    Happy Weekend darlin!! xoxo

  5. Neda says:

    Very cool editorial! Have a great day off! xx

  6. How sophisticated are you that you follow Vogue Turkey?
    Hearing about your massage has me craving pad thai, that’s how sophisticated I am. Sheesh!

  7. Love it!!! Now wouldn’t that be a dream.

    Have a great day off! I live for Thai massages now. Was scared before I tried them but they’re the best thing ever! xoxo

  8. designstiles says:

    Dude, you just put my priorities in check. Screw work, I’m heading to the beach. Minus the attention. Okay, so no, I won’t skip work. But man the beach sounds awesome. Enjoy the masseuse.

  9. love this! Oh what I would give to lounge around on the beach with endless attention! Have a fab massage tomorrow:)

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