What’s a birthday without presents? Stuff I covet and may have already gifted to myself from myself 😉

Chloe Angie handbag to carry all my stuff in.
Candles because I burn them all day everyday.
YSL lipstick  — the best nude shades.
Intimates because I appreciate soft, delicate things.
Books, particularly large, photo-filled ones.
A stand mixer so I can bake for God sakes.
Art for my new office.

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15 thoughts on “Presents

  1. kristina says:

    i love your list! i WANT that chloe bag!!

  2. WithLoveShmon says:

    I nominated you as a versatile blogger award :)!!
    Have an awesome day!

  3. Shut up… you’re 30!!! I bet it was an awesome… you don’t look a year over 21! So take that, supa star! Loving all of the self gifts… but totally jeal! The Chloe handbag is amazing! Love it! Hope your birthday was so wonderful, sweets!

  4. Mary says:

    happy bday 🙂 love the presents!!!

  5. I have to try that YSL nude lipstick, chloe bag, and also a fan of gifting myself 😉 and providing a list to my husband {makes it much easier for him and everyone is happy!}



  6. everswoon says:

    That Chloe bag is divine! Great picks darlin. Self-gifted or lists for the hubs is always the way to go! x

  7. Neda says:

    Nice, I like the way you think…especially the Chloe handbag…so practical and stylish! I need one of those!

  8. WithLoveShmon says:

    I love YSL lipstick

  9. Lauren says:

    Happy Birthday! Is it today?

  10. designstiles says:

    I love all your gifts! I need to try me some YSL nude lippy stick. I seriously have candles everywhere in the house. I swear my house always smells like dogs so I try to hide the odor. Oh, your purse is dreamy!

  11. that bag is fab… I love how it looks so soft but is the perfect structure! I also love that you chose a pink stand mixer! I want!!!!

  12. Happy birthday!!! Is your bday today? Those are some fabulous gifts and I’m a big fan of gifting myself 🙂

    Enjoy, sweets! xoxo

  13. That is an unbelievably beautiful painting, and my gosh the price is awesome. I feel bad for the artist, like I’m ripping them off of something. But not bad enough to pay more money or anything……

  14. lily says:

    I’ll take anything on that list, please ! Fabulous presents !


  15. Aubrey says:

    Self-gifted pressies are the *best* kind (c: I’m pretty sure I don’t really allow people to “surprise” me with gifts anymore…even if it’s something they get on their own, I’ve usually told them what to get…wow, that sounds really bad and high maintenance when I say it out loud (c:

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