Veiled Beanie

Yay or nay?

I say maybe if I lived anywhere but here. That shiz don’t fly in SoCal.

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If you live in Manhattan or Europe or if you’re ballsy enough to wear one, you can DIY per the crafty ladies at Honestly WTF.

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14 thoughts on “Veiled Beanie

  1. rebecca says:

    I’d say that shiz don’t fly in NYC either, but I don’t hang with the fashion elite.

  2. PhotoGirl says:

    I love it. Had to do the DIY version the minute I heard about it. If you’re going to wear this look, you have to own it. And I do.

  3. Hmmm…yah not for me. Def not in So Cal! I remember my old roomie from London would always wear hats and I just thought she was nuts. Had no idea that’s what the rest of civilized society does!

  4. Congrats on your office space! You just have to do what you have to do. Great idea to dedicate a drawer to footwear rather than files:)

    Amy R.
    {plain & fancy living}

  5. judithatwood says:

    Absolutely, veiled! 😎

  6. Yay for those ballsy enough to wear them! I live in NYC but not nearly as ballsy as I need to be 🙂 xoxo

  7. LOVE IT! But love those… I’ve seen a lot of rinkie-dinkie ones in ALDO, department stores, etc… they are horrible. Those that you posted are classic. Can we talk about the makeup? Look at the contour on their cheeks! AmazeNUTTERS!

  8. Molliee says:

    it’s so cute! I also think I might get a few weird looks, but all groundbreaking looks do:)

  9. kristina says:

    def. nay for me, although these women pull it off perfectly. like you said, if i lived in nyc or outside of the u.s. then maybe 😉 😉 {not a west coast thing}

  10. designstiles says:

    Whoa, where have I been? I haven’t seen this before. Yeah, people around our parts would not get it. Actually, I don’t know if I even get it.

    I’m gonna have to go with Yay if you can pull it off but a Nay for moi.

  11. Neda says:

    Strange…it looks good on the gorgeous ladies above though (and so would anything else). 🙂

  12. Nay. Unless your name is Victoria Beckham. Than you can wear whatever strikes your fancy.

    Or yay if you are going to really own the look (like these ladies). Then that’s cool. 🙂

    XO – Marion

  13. Ashton says:

    These are something I wouldn’t have thought of, so they have that going for them. Maybe it’s that I don’t do beanies? I think I’d stick with the traditional caps, but more power to anyone who rocks one and manages to look good in it 😉

  14. Leslie says:

    Not for me.. looks wonderful on the models 🙂

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