Rolling in the Deep

Did you guys see Adele in this month’s issue of Vogue? I can’t stop staring at her eye makeup…or her bosom. But, per usual, people are making a fuss about how Photoshopped the images are. Seriously, if I was going to be featured in the best magazine on earth, I would demand they make my skin look glowy and my waist look teeny and my breasts look perky. Do you agree or take me for a shallow ho?

Read the article and see the rest of the images here.

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27 thoughts on “Rolling in the Deep

  1. kristina says:

    such a breathtaking editorial!!

  2. I read this at the gym while bicycling and i literally did not want to stop working out. when does that happen.

  3. She looks stunning & what a voice!

  4. PhotoGirl says:

    Hell to the yes. Right there with you on this.

    I’ll also add that I make photos for a living. A big part of my business is boudoir photography. My clients, to a woman, breathe an enormous sigh of relief when I tell them that I am the High Priestess of Photoshop.

    In ten years, I have NEVER photographed anyone who wanted a raw, straight-from-the-camera image, whether she was 16 or 60.

  5. I completely agree, bring on the retouching. I mean retouching by Vogue. Does it get much better? I think there is a line in Sex and The City about it. I read this article today and I LOVE her. So someone I would want to go get a drink with, even though she doesn’t drink anymore.

  6. LMF says:

    I wonder what she said about it. Remember when Kate Winslet was on the cover and GQ and she freely admitted that she was photoshopped and wasn’t actually happy about it?

    I would definitely want a few touch-ups done, nothing too too drastic. But isn’t it all smoke and mirrors anyway?

  7. Haha so agree!!! I would do the same! She’s so gorgeous and the photos look amazing. I can’t stop looking either. 🙂 xoxo

  8. Nobody wants to see wrinkles and rolls! Trust. We’re all shallow ho’s.

  9. Gabriela says:

    Definitely a shallow ho. Now excuse me while I immediately go copy her eyemakeup til I get it PERFECT.

  10. deuxchicago says:

    Hahaha.. agreed 100%. Definitely not a shallow ho. Or maybe I’m a shallow ho too. She’s totally unapologetic for who she is… she’s not exactly trying to pull a fast one on America. Give the girl her corset and contouring for eff’s sake! – Laura

  11. rebecca says:

    shallow whore. ha! kidding my bloggy friend.

  12. She looks SO AMAZING… so amazing! I have a crush… and I’m obsessed with the smoked out, smudged to hell cateye that she’s sporting!

  13. April says:

    Totally agree! No one wants to be on a magazine cover looking like last night’s trash!

  14. designstiles says:

    I agree, I don’t need people seeing my pores and acne spots.

    I want to fool the world into thinking I’m flawless. On the other end, that’s why I don’t really look through fashion mags. Those bitches always look flawless.

  15. elizabeth says:

    She looked like she had lost weight when she was on the grammys, and everytime I see her perform I think how perfect her skin is and her features, so I don’t think they did more shopping than usual. Everyone has a zit or a crease blurred in photos. I think she is truly gorgeous and is probably wearing corsets and spanks!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  16. Dana says:

    I agree! Shoot, I’d PAY someone to photoshop me to look all dewy and gorgeous.

  17. lily says:

    I adore her…I had only seen the cover until now so thank you for sharing the other gorgeous photos !! She is so fabulous !


  18. Neda says:

    I agree~ models get photoshopped so whey can’t she?! Besides, you need a beautiful base because there is only so much photoshop can do. Adele is gorgeous and her talent is out of this world. Love her!

  19. I adore this editorial. My Mom showed it to me and I couldn’t shut up about her makeup. I would die to be able to do that to myself. I suck at makeup, I look like a drag queen when I try and do something fancy.

  20. Aubrey says:

    I am so completely obsessed with her…and she is *STUNNING* in these pictures. I’m just in awe of how talented she is, singing *and* brilliant songwriting…amazing.

  21. Leslie says:

    Yep! I’d need the photo shop editing – lets all be honest here 😉 Perfection is tough to attain!


  22. She’s SO gorgeous, and that voice! Even though every time I hear her music my heart is a lil more tender, I adore her!

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