Were you as big of a Felicity fanatic as I was? Two words: Scott Speedman. He’s reappearing on the big screen final-effing-ly. And his character is a jerk, which is when I love him the most. The Vow with Rachel McAdams is opening on Friday. I will wait until I can stream it on Netflix.

via Google Images (sorry I’m lazy)

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17 thoughts on “Speedman

  1. PhotoGirl says:

    Saw The Vow last weekend. Dreadful. Save your money.

  2. Belen Otero says:

    I was OBSESSED with Felicity and mainly because of Scott Speedman .I mean Ben Covington was one of the greatest characters that has ever existed!!! Don’t wait for Netflix go see the vow now! 😉

  3. So…I’ve never seen Felicity. Not one episode. I’m kind of surprised by this!

  4. rebecca says:

    oh so he’s still hot? how about that.

  5. Leslie says:

    Hot! Hot! Hot! Great pics and can’t wait to see The Vow with my daughter (don’t think my husband will want to see it..)


  6. The reason I feel in love with Dean&Deluca is b/c of Felicity! Loved that show… and he is beyond delicious!!! Gorgeousness x100!

  7. YES he is BACK. although, I will wait for netflix too, but still excited.
    btw – puppy picture killed me.

  8. J refuses to go see The Vow with me. It’ll have to be Netflix thing for sure. Scott looks like Jared Leto in that third pic. Just me?

  9. Jackie says:

    I loved Felicity! Still do. I want to make my future children watch it.

  10. elizabeth says:

    I was obsessed with Felicity and only because of him! He is so crazy gorgeous and I was so excited to see him as the jerk in The Vow trailers. Can’t wait to see it!
    xoxox e (modern24seven)

  11. Dana says:

    I L.O.V.E.D Felicity! Felicity and My So Called Life were such stars!

  12. Gabriela says:

    I just died. Passed away. Expired. I want the Canadian!!

  13. designstiles says:

    My friends loved Felicity but I never caught on. I didn’t recognize this guy until photo 4. Yeah, he’s handsome. Aw, and look at him with a doggies.

    Happy weekend, Sabs.

  14. Leah says:

    so happy to see him reappear too! loved him on Felicity!

  15. Molliee says:

    he=gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to see that movie!

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