Guest Post: I Say Canoodia You Say Canadia

Hey there Lonely Wife Project readers, it’s Irene from designstILes filling in for one of my bestest blogging buddies, Sabra.

She’s off in Canada and I bet she’s freezing. But hopefully she can manage to warm up with the adult beverages I’m sure she’s enjoying with her family.

I’ve never been to Canada. I hear you Canadians are nice and I like nice. I wondered about the Canadian street style so I went to this site and selected some looks indicative of what to expect shall you or I ever visit.

Hope you enjoyed this slice of Canadian stile.

Safe Travels back home, Sabra!

images via Canada Streetstyle

Irene Lovett!/Idesignstiles


6 thoughts on “Guest Post: I Say Canoodia You Say Canadia

  1. Wow they are stylish up there! ;0) I’ve only been to Victoria and it happened to be really warm and sunny that day, and we went on a pub crawl…needless to say I thought Canada was great! But seriously I hear a lot of good things about Toronto!

  2. Me too… I like nice people so if those Canoodia’s are nice then we’re BFF’s! Loving those fashionable peeps you’ve featured!

  3. tamra says:

    I’ve never visiting Canoodia either, but every one I meet is pretty darn fab. x

  4. Aubrey says:

    Those Canadians are a stylish bunch…I could definitely take a page or two out of that fashion book! Have fun, Sabra!

  5. Julip Made says:

    As I am half Canadian, I have to say they are some stylish peeps and they make being completely bundled up look glam!

  6. lily says:

    Have fun Sabra !! Love the leopard and stripes look !


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