An Emergency Situation and a Party

My BFF and her boyfriend threw a classy New Year’s Eve party at their classy home in LA. See, there was glassware and champagne in a claw foot tub.

The Husband and I drove up from San Diego and realized we left our party clothes at home. It was an emergency situation as the Husband is built like a linebacker and has a hard time ever finding clothes that fit right. After a quick trip to the only store open at that hour and my friend’s closet, we managed to look presentable although not as spectacular as we would have if we had been wearing our chosen attire. Who knew Marc Anthony for Kohls collection would ever save our asses.

Then we got drunk and partied like it was Y2K all over again.

How did you spend your last evening of 2011?

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15 thoughts on “An Emergency Situation and a Party

  1. Looks like an amazing NYE!

    The girls of The Short and the Sweet of it here (! We are based in San Diego too and wanted to make sure you knew about the upcoming blogger meet-up:

    Hope you can make it!

    Kirby & Alexa

  2. kristina says:

    oh my goodness look at you ~ now that is a party, love the decor!! and marc anthony has a fashion line?? oh actually that makes perfect sense ~ j.lo has one at kohl’s… {i actually saw a really cute sequin skirt by her at kohl’s}
    xx, k

  3. Vanessa says:

    Happy 2012! Looks like you rang it in in the best possible way! We had a slightly less fancy version of your night. We went to Eataly to pick up toppings, made homemade pizzas and cupcakes, had lots of drinks, friends came over and had a dance party in the living room. It was perfect. Much better than going out!

  4. Wow what an amazing party, and your photos are fantastic of course! I would freak out if I forgot my party clothes. But then again sometimes it makes you throw your hands up in the air and loosen up like you should on NYE!

  5. Belen Otero says:

    MARC ANTHONY!!!!!!!! I can’t get over that story! It seriously might have made my 2012. Looking at the pictures makes me so happy and I am even happier we were together.

  6. Aubrey says:

    Wowza, now *that* is the way to ring in the new year, you classy lass, you! Um yeah, we were at home watching “Columbiana” in our pj’s…but hey, by midnight the short people were in bed (c: Happy New year, hot stuff! And Marc Anthony, who knew?!?!

  7. I’m dying over the champagne in the tub. The candles with it? I would have never thought of it. Amazing! XO~JD

  8. bentley says:

    looks like a great time. love the drinks in the bathtub drill. happy new year!

  9. Shut up! Where was my invite… seriously looks like a blast… or something for a movie… a fancy, classy movie! Champagne in a claw foot tub… get out of town! Love the picture {clearly of midnight} where everyone is hugging! Happy New Years little love! ps… your hawt!

  10. Molliee says:

    love the tub of champagne! You two are adorable:) I spent it on the couch cuddling with my jet-lagged love!

  11. tamra says:

    That is amazeballs, champagne in a clawfoot tub?!? I just died.

  12. Lindsay says:

    That champagne tub is awesome!!

  13. Marc Anthony for Kohl’s. My life is now complete.

  14. Christine B. says:

    That’s my nightmare! I forgot the shrug to go along with my dress for New Years, but thankfully my friend also saved the day with an equally cute substitute. Glad you guys were able to find replacement pieces! 🙂

  15. designstiles says:

    You forgot your party clothes?!? That’s like a fear of mine. The party looks tres awesome. Love the photos. And champagne in a clawfoot. That’s like two of my favorite things joining forces.

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