Wine Drinking for Dummies

I saw this “how-to” on A Cup of Jo last week and it spoke to my heart. Since it’s the party season and all, I thought it appropriate we all brush up on our wine etiquette. Here are some of my favorite tips.

“How to” by Joanna Goddard
Illustrations by Gemma Correll

Fill red wine glasses 1/3 full, white wine glasses 1/2 full, and sparkling wine 3/4 full.

Cheers! When clinking glasses, make eye contact with the other person. Otherwise, according to French superstition, you’ll risk seven years of bad luck (read: bad sex). You also should clink glasses individually with each person at the table without crossing anyone’s arms.

Always hold your wine glass by the stem. Many people mistakenly think you only need to hold white wine by the stem (so you don’t warm up the wine), but experts say you should hold red wine by the stem, too, so you can see its color and clarity, as well as to avoid smudging the glass with your fingerprints. Otherwise, wine snobs might call you a “bowl grabber”! πŸ™‚

The host’s duty is to make sure glasses stay filled. “My eyes go to empty glasses immediately,” wine expert John Thoreen says. “It’s a real radar thing for me.”

See all the tips here.

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7 thoughts on “Wine Drinking for Dummies

  1. thanks for all the great tips, i actually really need them haha! cheers!!
    xx, k

  2. tamra says:

    Oh and btw – I might have to steal this for my bloggie too!

  3. tamra says:

    bowl grabber!! hahaha, I need this “how to” in print and framed in my kitchen. so awesome. Oh and when i’m hosting my bowl radar is on full blast, i never let a guest go to their last drop. πŸ™‚ Hope your holidays are fabulous. I’ve been a little blogging mia lately, so see you in the new year!

  4. To cute! πŸ™‚ I need someone to follow me around to make sure I’m alway full! xo

  5. elizabeth says:

    I am not a big wine drinker at all, but when tipsy I like to grab bowls…hehehe I really didn’t know what to say to this post so I went in the “dirty” direction.
    xoxox e (modern24seven)

  6. Lindsay says:

    Good stuff! I’m definitely a bowl grabber 😦

  7. How appropriate for me this week! Lots of this going on. But even I, a seasoned wineaholic, hold the glass by the bowl when I’m drunksy. Osmosis? Less pretentious?

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