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I try really hard to be a social media maven, but work and marriage and being a pet mom gets in the way, you know? And then it’s like I’m falling behind the cool group. I’m so sporadic when it comes to tweeting and I feel like I should reserve tweets for when I have funny and/or relevant things things to say, which is rare.

Oh also, the Husband already wants to ban me from my iPhone so can you imagine if I was socially (media) active? I’m not allowed to own an iPad as long as we’re married lest he lose me to technology forever. So please accept my sincere apologies if I’m not always “on.” Real life triumphs cyberspace.

And for your enjoyment, the top 50 funniest tweets of 2011!

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24 thoughts on “Twitter Talk

  1. hahahahahahaha!!!! That’s hysterical… I’m with you on the in and out of tweets… too hard to keep up with and that damn twitter moves way to fast for my speed! xo

  2. PhotoGirl says:

    Those tweets are hilarious!

    On a more serious note, though, it freaks me out when someone says her husband won’t “allow” her to do something. Does. Not. Compute.

    There was a time when I kept up with three blogs, two websites (for my businesses), Twitter, and Facebook. It all got to be too much. I took a year off from the blogs, and have decided to abandon Facebook entirely, mostly because I hate the privacy issues and I really don’t think it helped my business (that was why I joined.)
    All this by way of saying that I truly understand how all of the social media stuff can become overwhelming.

    I only recently discovered you blog, so I’ll be disappointed if you have to step back, but at the same time I totally understand.

  3. Tamra says:

    You are me both sister. I can’t figure out how ppl can blog and tweet all the time. always on top of it? I need the scoop, especially with my new company transition, i’ll have two facebooks for a few months until the company blog is live. I need social media training. or a twin

  4. Such hilarious tweets! 🙂

  5. Neda says:

    OMG, these are hilarious! The casual Friday one needs to be posted on my office door! Can’t wait to share them!! Don’t feel so bad…I don’t even know how to tweet! 🙂

  6. Amanda Hill says:

    Duh I am so dumbI totally just posted my comment to your pancake post…read below! I was wondering why everyone was using the word pancake, I thought it was a new cute name for you???

  7. I can barley figure out how to Tweet. I don’t really understand it. This does not stop me from telling strangers at bars to “Hit me up on my Twitter” repeatedly.

  8. not sure which i like more. those are hilarious.

  9. le sorelle says:

    These are too funny! Love the one about Casual Friday – hilarious!

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend! 🙂

    sorelle in style

  10. Alexa says:

    Love these…thanks for making me laugh! xo

  11. kristina says:

    p.s. i’m already pushing it w. the blog stuff {w. my husband}

  12. molliee says:

    hehe I can’t wait to check out the others!

  13. kristina says:

    bahahahah! oh sorry, i just lol’d on the bank account one, love it!! and you know, i agree w. you that real life should always trump cyber life. it’s kind of weird that there really are 2 separate worlds now!!! this is why i’m trying to not do twitter, facebook all that…
    xx ~ k
    p.s. great post today = me like!

  14. designstiles says:

    So weird TH is practically begging for me to get an iPad and I’m like, I’d rather you get me an expensive purse.

    I feel you on the Twitter. Some people Tweet so much and those who I actually like don’t tweet enough. That’s where you come in. : )

  15. Aubrey says:

    Those are just darn hilarious…and I’m pretty sure that is the reason that my hubbs has refused to let me get an iphone, he’s afraid he’ll loose me completely (c:

  16. elizabeth says:

    OMG those are hilarious. I refuse to tweet, I have a blackberry with a broken screen, and I never go on Facebook. If it wasn’t for blogging and stalking you, I would be a complete shut-in.
    xoxox e (modern24seven)

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