Can I get a HELL YEAH to these vintage weight gain ads. Oh to have lived in those days.


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29 thoughts on “Curves

  1. This is blowing my mind. I don’t know why, though, every trend eventually fades… and then come back around again. Whatever the media decides is sexy we all lust after (whether its attainable or not.)

  2. This made me think of Mad Men…………just think that when these ads were being conceptualized it was probably in a room full of dudes. Love it.

  3. LOVE this! I followed the link from vmac+cheese…and so glad I did!
    And personally, I’ve always been a fan of a little cusion 🙂 There is a reason men find J.Lo and Kim K so sexy!

    XO – Marion

  4. RECREATED says:

    I loved reading this post and all the comments. It’s true though, whether it’s “get skinny” or “get curvy” , it never ends. But it’s definitely funny to read these ads.

  5. These ads are hilarious, especially since the whole bent is about gaining sex appeal and doing it for the men. But I agree with Vanessa, we do it for the women – we constantly compare ourselves to other women!

  6. […] honor of yesterday’s post, I give you cheese and carbs in its finest […]

  7. sedonia says:

    I am really surprised by the positive comments about this ad. If you look past the hype and the buzzword “curves”, the beauty standards being promoted are not all that different from those today. The models all have big boobs, thin waists, small waist/hip ratios, and flat lower tummies. There is only one that is a little plump. I don’t see how this is all that different from today. Moreover, the ads are just trying to sell something that isn’t going to work. Everyone knows you can’t spot reduce — you also can’t do the opposite and add weight selectively where you want it. Where is the model whose waist is the same girth as her hips because that is where the weight gain product put the extra weight? It is still promoting dissatisfaction with one’s body, and then taking advantage of that to extract money out of people in exchange for a worthless product.

    • I agree with you Sedonia. It’s no different than today. It’s the irony that makes it funny.

    • Gabriela says:

      Clearly, these ads were not posted to promote anything thing other than to share the irony of the message that in comparison to today’s standards, “skinny is not better”. While your argument that “the beauty standards being promoted are not all that different from those today” may ring true in the general sense, I think you’re missing the point of this post entirely. These ads were obviously posted to share the irony that back then “skinny” was not generally considered sexy. It was meant to be fun and light-hearted, as I’m sure, readers of Lonely Wife Project can tell. You’re making 2 different arguments when really, there’s only one point that matters. They’re advertisements. Advertisements sell products. They will do whatever they must to accomplish the goal of selling a product especially if it includes making the consumer feel that they are lacking. That’s why they’re generally evil. You said it yourself—“ It is still promoting dissatisfaction with one’s body, and then taking advantage of that to extract money out of people in exchange for a worthless product.” It’s true, virtually all advertising exploits consumer insecurities to convince them they are somehow inadequate, therefore, they must buy the product to be more socially acceptable. HOWEVER, the hilarity of these vintage ads is that compared to today’s cultural, societal, and fashion standards, many women of this country believe that skinny is definitely considered best. Where, on the runways, but perhaps in the last year, and still, with MUCH resistance, have you seen a normal, healthy-looking woman? (Not including Victoria’s Secret models who appear to be in fantastic athletic shapes.) Irony may not be your cup of tea, but your post is just such a downer on what to me, and clearly, every other commenter, was amusing and fun to read.

  8. Best LOL!! So fitting around the holidays! I’m embracing my budoonk and muffin top! 🙂

  9. Belen says:

    This is truly amazing!

  10. Love these! I think I would have been pretty popular back in the day. LOL 🙂 xoxo

  11. This is amazing!!! So true though. I see pics of my grandma from back in the day and it was all about a defined waist and some hips.

    Does this mean we can order pizza tonight?

  12. Aubrey says:

    Hells to the yeah…this is bomb…it’s all the encouragement I needed to completely go to the dark side this holiday and eat with reckless abandon…I guess I didn’t really need any encouragement in that area (c:

  13. Seriously love these – so amazing!

  14. elizabeth says:

    I love those ads but have to say with sadness that those women pictured (like Marilyn Monroe) would still have only been a size 6 or 8 today…they have beautiful legs and waists!
    -e (modern24seven)

  15. Julip Made says:

    “Stop being tired… gain weight.” I’m exhausted, but it’s definitely not from being “skinny”, especially after the amount of food I consumed over the holidays. (It may have something to do with the How I Met Your Mother marathon into the wee hours I had last night… oops).

    If only…

  16. Amanda Hill says:

    Dying these are fantastic! I want to frame some! Wouldn’t that be fab???

  17. tamra says:

    Those are the most amazing ads I’ve ever seen!! I didn’t even know they existed, so I will def give you a HELL YEAH!

    btw – looks like the 7lbs i plan to gain over the holiday is a glamorous thing!

  18. lifevesting says:

    Wow what great ads! These really make me wish I lived two generations ago!

  19. these are perfect!! i want to stand on a street corner and start handing them out to men and then wait for compliments on my womanly figure!! haha.

    oh, and regarding your pilates comment the other day–i’m totally with you. i refuse to do the math because it would make me sick. pilates + denial = happiness.

  20. designstiles says:

    Whoa, where’d you find these? They’re awesome.

    That’s it, I’m eating a cheeseburger.

  21. i know, like we need instructions on how to do this 😉
    would loved to have lived back then!
    xx ~ ks

  22. Meta Musings says:

    These are fab! I couldn’t ever imagine those running now…bummer.


  23. lily says:

    Love these !!


  24. Vanessa says:

    I love this! The funny thing is, I think most guys still like fuller shapes (at least the guys I know). For some reason it’s us ladies who put this insane pressure on ourselves.

    What’s wrong with us?

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