Life’s Sexiest

I ate stuffing and mashed potatoes four days in a row. Hence, I am the opposite of sexy, which I think is frumpy right? I long for broccoli and a StairMaster.

I’m still comatose from the long Thanksgiving weekend, so feast your eyeballs on this roundup of LIFE magazine’s sexiest photos of all time. These are from B.A. (Before Airbrushing). Imperfection is sexy.


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16 thoughts on “Life’s Sexiest

  1. imperfection IS sexy! Vavavoom.

  2. elizabeth says:

    Am puffy like everyone here. But where is the imperfection in the last pic? Stared at it for 20 minutes and couldn’t find any….hahahaha
    -e (modern24/7)

  3. All of these pics are so beautiful! πŸ™‚

    and I’m jumping on the I feel like a hefer bandwagon too. Thanksgiving is not good for my waist

  4. I gained 6lbs in 3 days…. beat that! πŸ˜‰ I’m in need of some H20, a laxative {just say’n}, no food, and a Stair Master as well… Cheers to the rolls! I want the volleyball players abs… thank you very much!

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  5. Molliee says:

    obsessed with this… I wish everything were not airbrushed!

  6. Hehhehe. Love these pics. And I had the weirdest Thanksgiving since I didn’t travel to see my mom and the big fam up there. I spent it with my dad and stepmom so I ate light and then I got sick yesterday and puked my brains out due to the stomach flu -___-

    Hope you had a better one!

  7. Lindsay says:

    I’m a frump-master-5000 this week…and will be through January πŸ™‚

  8. lifevesting says:

    Oh I love this round-up of photos, especially the last one!

  9. designstiles says:

    The first one is muy zexy. Brigitte Bardot is caliente. I’m a fatty Mccoy. Going to the gymmy jammies now….

  10. Faye Dunaway – amazing photo!

    I’m stuffed off of eggnog lattes. I think that’s a worse feeling. Needing a gym ASAP!

  11. chameleonic says:

    love it!

  12. I was supposed to start my healthy eating today–umm–I’ll start tomorrow after polishing off the rest of my pumpkin bread pudding πŸ™‚

    Those images are stunning!!

  13. Love it. Yesterday I finally reined it in and had some veggie chili for lunch and a salad for dinner. The gym will be my bff everyday this week fo sho.

    PS, isn’t it amazing how NORMAL the models all looked a few decades ago? Like, they actually have hips. It’s nice.

  14. Vanessa says:

    If imperfection is sexy, then call me Giselle, because I’m about 5 pounds heavier since Thursday! I was going to have another bowl of Pops now, but on second thought I think I’ll make a salad out of that leftover kale…

  15. OMG I love this. Sadly, because I feel the exact same way. It is 11am and so far I’ve eaten a power bar and done an hour of cardio… yet for some reason I feel like I’ve gained 20 pounds. Will be eating vegetables for dinner.

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