Puppet Show

“Whimsical” is kind of a douchey adjective, but in the case of this Vogue Italia editorial, I think it’s perfectly apt. Do we agree?


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18 thoughts on “Puppet Show

  1. Totally agree! Even though the images are a bit strange I think they are so inspiring. It’s spreads like these that make me think styling would be a career I’d love. The options and creativity are endless!

    Thanks for sharing, Sabra!

  2. Ha! Loving the “blushing bride” with the veil… These pretty much ROCK!

  3. whimsical is douchey? Dammit, I still think its appropriate in certain contexts. I dont know if this context is it though. These pictures may give me nightmares.

  4. Aly says:

    You could almost bottle that opening sentence and sell it- amazing opening to a rather creepy post! Would love to have been on this et though

  5. ah! at first i thought they were actual dolls! how creepy cool!! and whimsical!! 😉
    xx ~ k

  6. Ack! These are like those dolls with the eyes that open and close, and you know sometimes when one eye gets stuck?
    Very creative though – they successfully achieved that creepy look.

  7. Gimme those shoes. All of them.

  8. annie says:

    Ah and there I was thinking I was the only person in the world that can’t stand the words Whimsy and Whimsical! Yuk.

    Those pictures are so weird, amazing makeup!

  9. Ann says:

    Fashion is not where I go first with these photos, so creepy! but what good Halloween ideas! But on second glance-so pretty! I love the dress in the bottom photo and the blouse in the first!

  10. molliee says:

    definitely fitting! But I love to use “whimsical”:) Maybe I use this word too much… yikes!

  11. Meta Musings says:

    agree! a little creepy too…kinda tim burton-ish. love it!

  12. agreed! but wow, creepy models pull off dolls effortlessly.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Certainly a different take on models, but a great shoot! Jen xoxo http://mystylisticlife.wordpress.com

  14. Lara Matos says:

    oh scary!! – yet awesome.

  15. Joanna Lea says:

    yep, I agree with elizabeth…scarey…but a very striking concept I must admit!


  16. Aubrey says:

    These are pretty awesome in my book…I’m always up for fantasy elements in an editorial…That actually gives me an idea for my Halloween costume next year! (c:

  17. elizabeth says:

    These pics scare the s!8$ out of me so I shan’t comment any further… loved your weekend in Vegas pics! Think I will come to San Diego during Mardi Gras (Feb 16-21st)! yay!!!
    -e (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

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