Dogs and Food

I’m still pretty ill (thanks for the well wishes angels!).  Luckily my Iphone was busy last week and I have some stuff to share so you don’t write me off completely. Here’s a look at life according to my phone:

My little ewok finally stood still long enough to be photographed.

Fluffiest pancakes in town a la Beach Grass Cafe!

Poppy getting into trouble on the streets of Del Mar.

I baked pumpkin bread and it was edible. Recipe later this week.

Fall in Southern California. Our leaves change colors too.

According to my Iphone, I do a lot of eating and staring at my dogs.

And for those that asked, I have yet to publicize my Instagram account. I’m sure I’ll get comfortable enough to do it soon. So stay tuned!

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13 thoughts on “Dogs and Food

  1. Aly says:

    Wow! excited to have come across your site. love the title, the fonts and content. inspirational ,thank you!

  2. annie says:

    your dogs are sooo cute!

  3. oh and i forgot to add ~ congratulations on the edible bread baking!! that’s a difficult one i suspect 😉
    xx ~ ks

  4. such cute pictures!! i love your little doggies!!
    xoxo ~ kristina

  5. Have you seen the ewok dog costumes?!?! To much, your munchkins would be perfect!

    My iphone album is dedicated to Bella. i would say about 90% of the pictures are her. Hope you start feeling better soon!! xoxo

  6. Amanda Hill says:

    I say keep it coming if you have puppies that adorable!

  7. Feel better hun! Your dawgs are beyond precious!!! I love pumpkin bread and can’t wait for your rec post! I tried to cook a loaf the other week and it was still raw in the center. I. Give. Up.

  8. Meta Musings says:

    cute doggies! they look so happy! feel better!


  9. Your pups are so adorable!!! Keep resting up, sweetie. Being sick is just the worst!

    Oh and the diet I’m on is a gluten free and vegan one. I’m giving it a shot. It’s been 2 weeks and it’s going well. Before I got this cough I felt great and I also lost weight so I can’t complain 🙂

  10. Ewok! Ah!

    I’m still sick too…this darn thing will not go away.

    Tell me the instant you publish your instagram.

  11. Your dogs are adorable!! Pumpkin bread is on my to-do list and I am also hoping it’s edible–the last time I made it….uh yeah.

  12. designstiles says:

    “I baked pumpkin bread and it was edible” – ahhh haaa haaa.

    Your photo muses are pretty much the same as mine. Dogs and food. When we go away, we like to continuously look at photos of our dogs.

    And then we ask our dog sitter to keep sending us photos.

  13. molliee says:

    thanks for sharing these darling photos of your pups! so precious! that bread looks really good! xoxo – feel better!

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