Sniffle Sniffle…

Cough cough. I’m sick 😦  Be back tomorrow.


13 thoughts on “Sniffle Sniffle…

  1. 😦 I’m sorry pretty! I hope your spending your sick day on the sofa with lots of girly movies.

  2. Naomi says:

    Awe hope you are on the mend!

  3. Mary says:

    Get well soon!!!

  4. I had that too! Still do. Feel better. xoxo

  5. Aubrey says:

    Bummer!!! And wouldn’t you know it, on a Monday and everything! Take care of yourself and feel better…better yet, have someone *else* take care of you and feel better!!!

  6. Molliee says:

    feel better! I am not getting through this Monday very well either! xoxo

  7. Aww, get some rest and feel better!!

  8. Vanessa says:

    Ugh, the worst! Think of it as free pass for laziness…

  9. You need a hot toddy, a present from the hubby, a nap and then you’ll be fine by tomorrow 🙂 Feel better!!

  10. i hope you feel better soon!!! 😉
    xoxo ~ kristina

  11. glamourshoes says:

    That’s unfortunate! Get well soon!

  12. lily says:

    Feel better !!


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