Exotic Taste

This was the year that I started to appreciate more ornate interiors. Remember, when I punched myself for not accepting the numerous kilim rugs my mom gifted me. That was BB (before blogging). These days, I like to stare at design books to draw inspiration. Like this gorgeously photographed beauty that makes me want to stock up on colorful goods and textiles.

Exotic Taste, Oriental Interiors
by Emmanuelle Gaillard and Marc Walter features a whopping 236 pages of rich, luscious interiors, textiles and furniture from Japan, China, India and the Middle East. Seriously, I can’t even get over the details and colors  in these spaces.

These floors are killing me softly.

Pink and gold walls. Hell to the yeah!

Pattern overload in the best possible way. The stripes remind me of my favorite duomo in Sienna.

Florals done right!

Fanciful arches – check. Glorious floors – check. Tufted seating – check.

I spy Greek keys!

The good thing about this book is that it also comes with a history lesson. So it’s like education with a side of pretty. Buy your copy here.

Book c/o Vendome Press.

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13 thoughts on “Exotic Taste

  1. I’m out of league here. Too much brain power on display!

  2. That’s a well-thought-out answer to a challenging question

  3. Keyaan says:

    Articles like this really grease the shafts of knlgeedwo.

  4. Ann says:

    gush, I adore those floors.

  5. gorgeous gorgeous!! i’m like you in the sense that when i was younger i never really had much of an appreciation for a lot of the more ethnic decor in my parents’ home {my mother is japanese} but now i can fully embrace the exotic designs!! 😉

  6. Naomi says:

    I haven’t bought a design book in like 10000 years. Maybe it’s time to refresh my (waning) inspiration?

    Like everyone else, I’m drooling over the pink and gold room. The wainscot detailing, the chinoiserie panels? Yes Please.

  7. So gorgeous and CLASSIC which is lovely to always intermix… especially since everything now is so mod! Loving what your eye is drawn to!

  8. the ornate details of these interiors are so pretty! the colors are so warm and inviting!

  9. Ooh I hadn’t seen this book! So much inspiration. Great for graphics too.

  10. Molliee says:

    wow these are stunning spaces… craving the tall ceilings!

  11. So much beautiful stuff in the Middle East. When I lived in Cairo I was devastated that I had no more room in my suitcase to bring back rugs (had already filled it with scarves!). That stripy room reminds me of a palace in Damascus, so gorgeous.

  12. Adding this book to my amazon wish list. I’ll have to keep a cover on it for fear my drool with ruin the purty pages.

  13. designstiles says:

    I super duper love the pink and gold walls. I’ll take that any day.

    Tell us more about those kilim rugs. Are they still up for grabs? Tell her you’re sorry. 🙂

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