Horse Play

Another day, another dollah. That’s what I say to myself every Monday morning to help get me through the week. I also treat myself to an energy bar.

Speaking of treats, I’ve been lucky enough to be the recipient of a few great giveaways in Blogland and most recently won a magnificent horse sculpture from my design savvy bestie Elizabeth of Modern 24/7. I actually squealed when I tore through the ginormous box to find this beauty. He doesn’t yet have a permanent home (I’m thinking he’ll eventually sit on the entryway console when I actually get around to buying and styling an entryway console). But for now, he’s content on my dining room table where he’s the center of attention. The Monster sniffs him an awful lot and once even snarled in his direction, but they’re almost on friendly terms. Isn’t he precious?

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9 thoughts on “Horse Play

  1. elizabeth says:

    He looks amazeballs on your dining table. I love it that the monster growls at him. I love you and am so happy you won because I wanted to give him to you! I have to tell all the above people that only like 6 people entered – you have to enter to win!!
    -e (

  2. Ugh you’re so lucky! She has the best giveaways. One day I will win something just as fab!

    My dogs growl at anything new in the house…even a grocery bag. Slightly possessive.

  3. Oh love that horse! So beautiful, I love anything equestrian in décor…

  4. Naomi says:

    Major Jealz.

    I never frickin win either. I’m thinking I need to devise several blog personalities so I can have better shot at these contests.

  5. I never win these things either, so I’ve employed a whole new strategy: I stopped entering them. Somehow, I don’t think this is going to get me what I want.

    Love the horse win though. Very presh. Let us know when/if you name him!

  6. Lovely!! What a great win. How funny that the monster has to warm up to your new sculpture. Have a great week!

  7. designstiles says:

    Fancy. I never win. Maybe I should enter more often. One of my dogs snarls too, but I think it’s because he was a rescue and is scared of everything, like my purse.

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