Trouser Fancy

I feel way more comfortable in pants than in skirts and they’re finally fashionable again. I’m especially drawn to the masculine/granny variety that sits high on the waist and cuffs right at the fattest part of my ankle. I think that’s the exact definition of a trouser. Also, they’re office appropriate and I don’t have to worry about the wind revealing my crotch to the homeless people I pass every day on my way into work. How about you? Pants or skirts?

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13 thoughts on “Trouser Fancy

  1. classiq says:

    I love mixing feminine and masculine items, and a masculine style pair of pants is so very chic. I’m coveting the left pair in the middle and the last two. They would be great additions to my fall wardrobe.
    ps: I am so glad I’ve found your blog via your lovely post over at Walks With Bella. 🙂

  2. Julip Made says:

    For the summer… skirts all the way especially since I’ve taken to walking to work in my yoga pants and changing in the locker room into a pencil skirt. BUTTTTT, for the fall…. trousers all the way. This season a mix of pencil thin and high waisted WIDE legs.. two opposite ends of the spectrum!

  3. Vanessa says:

    Skirts and dresses for me! They’re just much more comfortable, in my opinion. But nothing beats the perfect pair of jeans!

  4. I wish I could wear more pants but on me they cling to the saddle bag department so I typically go for a maxi dress, skirt or oversized shirt… I’ve tried the high wasted trousers {LOVE them so much} but I look like a complete idiot in them… oh wellz!

  5. Definitely depends on the season for me! Summer is all about dresses, whereas fall and winter I tend to wear a lot of jeans….okay I’m fibbing a bit…yoga pants (I work from home, that is my defense).

  6. definitely a pants girl. although a dress or skirt sure feels good everyone once in awhile. my go-to? JEANS!

  7. elizabeth says:

    Loving the short relaxed fit pant like the curator pant from J Crew and the new colorful varieties coming out for fall!
    -e (

  8. I prefer skirts, but I will never turn down a well fitting pant!

  9. I’m on team skirts. I’m wearing pants today for the first time since MAY!! With the ugly humidity in DC, skirts/dresses are a necessity. Happy Thursday!

  10. designstiles says:

    I’m wearing a skirt right now, so I’d say skirt. I feel like I can’t pull off trousers, but they are as chic as can be. I’m also all over jeans.

  11. Pants!!!!!!!!!! (because I hate shaving… and our office is freezing)

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