Guest Post: Small Shop

Sabra and I are daily readers of each others’ blogs, and although we have never actually “met” (this is being resolved ASAP!), I know enough to write this post while enjoying a glass of wine in her honor — salud!

I may also know a thing or two about her style: soft, casual and feminine, with just the right amount of fashion-forward edge. So when I saw these images from I immediately thought of her. Sabra always inspires me to take my laid-back looks a step further, and what better examples of this than to take that summer staple — our beloved maxi — and layer it for Fall:

So apparently the formula is: maxi dress/skirt, chunky sweater, tough booties, statement jewelry, maybe some gloves. What do we think? Are we ready to tackle this look for Fall?

Many thanks to Sabra for allowing me to spill my thoughts onto her lovely page!


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9 thoughts on “Guest Post: Small Shop

  1. love these outfits and the formula in general!!

  2. Julip Made says:

    Glad to have a fabulous substitute like Erika while you are away Sabra. Not sure about maxi’s yet. I love the look of them on models, but whenever I try them on, I feel like I am swimming in fabric and I’m not even short…

  3. Of course I used these photos without being totally convinced I can pull the look off myself! Need to get on that purchase of some tough booties …that I’ve been looking for since LAST fall.

  4. designstiles says:

    I should try posing like this for my next outfit post. Ha! Yeah right. I need maxis in my life.

  5. Lily says:

    Ready for Fall clothes ! And these pieces are gorgeous…definitely want to try this look ! Love the first two looks !


  6. elizabeth says:

    fall clothes are so much prettier in my opinion than summer ones – I am a fan of you both and I am def trying to meet you girls in person!
    -e (

  7. SOOO ready for fall, and loving these looks! any kind of play on texture and pattern is sure to catch my eye 🙂

  8. Happy to see you over here Erika! I’m not ready for fall… i’m having problems coming to terms with the end of summer, however if fall means i can continue to wear my maxi’s into the new season with adding some layers and booties, I think I can take it head on!

  9. Naomi says:

    I usually think of maxis as being all boho, but I like how your examples are much more classy.

    Thanks for opening my mind to new ideas, as always!

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