I have so much to do today before we pack up and head out for our long weekend in Chicago. And by so much to do, I mean paint my nails, blow-dry my hair straight and purchase a floppy hat.

I have a couple of guest posts lined up by some of my favorite blog (and soon to be real life) friends Erika of Small Shop and Irene of DesignStiles. You’ll want to come back tomorrow for your daily dose of coolness. And I’ll see you on Monday!

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14 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. nuha says:

    i love that picture of clemence…she is so cute!

  2. have a great time in the windy city!! can’t wait to see photos 😉 and i want to hear your reviews on the deep dish pizza 😉
    xo ~ kristina

  3. Have so much fun! Let me know if you need any recs.

  4. love that first image. there is nothing better than a floppy hat. have a blast in chi-town!

  5. Irene I was a bit tipsy when I composed my post, but I figured what the heck, we’re all “friends”!

    Have a great trip Sabra, so excited to see your photos when you return!

    Looking forward to meeting you too! I have news on that shower date that was in question…

  6. Enjoy your getaway!!! I love Erika and Irene, I look forward to their posts.

  7. ahh have so much fun in Chicago! I expect to see some fab photos of you in that floppy hat!

  8. elizabeth says:

    Have so much fun Sabbie – glad you love the horse!
    -e (

  9. Naomi says:

    Have so much fun, Sabra!

    PS- super jealz I don’t live in SoCal. I want to be “real” friend too 😉

  10. Seems as if you have your priorities just where they need to be to jhave a good trip! I always have to paint my nails before a trip too- Even in the winter! I don’t understand it but of course I still do it!

  11. Lily says:

    Good luck packing and have a fab time !!


  12. designstiles says:

    The images are pure coolness. The pressure is on. I need to drink in order to become cool. Just kidding. I don’t want to send over a drunk post. : )

  13. Julip Made says:

    Hey, a girls gotta look good when she travels… I completely understand. Love both of those ladies and can’t wait to see what they come up with. Have a fantastic mini-cation!!

  14. Hope you have a fabulous time in Chicago!

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