Last Night’s Dinner

Technically, this was lunch two weekends ago, but no camera tricks can make a Slim Fast shake look appetizing so I’m sparing you the real “last night’s dinner.”

The Husband’s specialty is sandwich making and the key to a good sandwich is the bread. In this case, we went to a local bakery for sourdough, then came home and topped with cheese, avocado, tomato, red onions and sprouts. We washed the goodness down with blood orange and vodka cocktails.

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14 thoughts on “Last Night’s Dinner

  1. jillbrowning says:

    Are you serious about the Slim Fast? Thought I was the only one…!

  2. oh yum!! this sandwich looks to die for! i love sandwiches!!
    xo ~ kristina

  3. Yum. That cocktail looks dangerously good!

  4. I could eat a sandwich every single day!! I’m not very good at making them, but I sure am good at eating them. This one looks amazing!! And so does your cocktail!

  5. Your hubs is so multi-talented!! What a great pair you two make. I’ll happily be a third wheel if he makes me that cocktail. ;o)

  6. Delish!!!! My hubs would love that, with the exception of the cheese. The Mr. hates cheese, pretty unbelievable right?!?! It’s a good thing I can look past it, could of been a game changer if I was a cheese connoisseur.

  7. designstiles says:

    I practically lived off of sandwiches in my single ladies days. My husband for sure thought we’d eat sandwiches for dinner every night after getting married. I surprised the both of us.

    I will always appreciate a good sandwich.

  8. Lily says:

    That looks so delish !! I would love to have that for lunch today 🙂 And a cocktail !


  9. elizabeth says:

    Holy moly – you guys really live the good life. I think last night’s dinner for me was a rice krispie treat out of the vending machine and a swig of week old warm vitamin water. Hopefully if I move to Cali you will invite me over to be a 3rd wheel all up in your kitchen….
    -e (

  10. bentley says:

    delish. love that cocktail. looks so refreshing and you all rock. im free if you ever want to have me over.

  11. yummm! that looks so gourmet!

  12. Angie K says:

    Dinner or lunch, this looks delicious! Just found your blog and I’m in LOVE. You’re sense of fashion and decor is amazing, plus you and your hubby look so cute together 🙂

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