I don’t know if this  makes me want to cut my hair, grow out my eyebrows or start shopping for fall.

Bambi Northwood-Blyth for Free People – July 2011 Lookbook

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18 thoughts on “Bambi

  1. Chelsea says:

    I want those eyebrows on my face. Now.

  2. Sarah says:

    cute outfits, I love the long coat with the chunky belt. What is with the big eyebrows does this mean I can finally stop the crazed plucking

  3. designstiles says:

    I was loosing a battle with my eyebrows for like 12 years. They’re finally more overgrown than when I went tweezer crazy, but not even nearly as thick as Bambi’s.
    Fall shopping. I haven’t even managed to get all my summer must haves together. sads.

  4. danielle says:

    My hair cannot be any shorter, just had my brows done + the fall lines are my FAVE. Thanks for making me want to shop. I am trying to save money! Come on 🙂

    Ok — so there is ONE thing we do not have in common. I could not get in to true blood. I tried but it just seemed so overdone and ridiculous. I couldn’t do it…

  5. Belen says:

    I’m going with all 3. I am in the process of growing out my eyebrows and it’s a pain in the ass. BTW I have those high waisted jeans she’s wearing in the 3rd picture and let me just say they do NOT look like that on me!!

  6. april says:

    I desperately want to wax her eyebrows. They make me cringe just… looking at them. Way too Freida Kahlo (spell?) for my taste.

  7. Personally I think you’d look amazing in all 3.

    Loving the sweaters, which is really odd because I’m sitting in 80 degree heat right now! The power of photography. ;o)

  8. danielle says:

    My turn.

    You are fabulous but I hate you a little bit (for going to fiji). You can’t blame me though. I’m just a little jealous. I’ll let your excellent taste in TV and the fact that you named a pet Dexter make up for it.

    Did you know that I named my kitten Dexter after Dexter Morgan? He had to be put to sleep a few months ago. Absolutely devastating. 😦 Still heartbroken. He had a fatal virus. My neighbors have a yorkie named Dexter, too.

    Michael C. Hall is AMAZING. Do you watch the big C? Brilliant. My new fave. Weeds? Hated last season but Monday’s episode was great. It’s making a comeback.

  9. I am not on board with wooly eyebrows! I will rebel!! (not like anything else I do is on-trend… :))

  10. I am with you – she is gorgeous! I love this line too from what I have seen!

  11. Lily says:

    Love her hair !! These photos are great…I LOVE FP !


  12. It makes me want to do the first two, cutting hair and growing some mad bushy brows, but I am definitely not ready for fall! I heart summer. 🙂

  13. elizabeth says:

    her name is Bambi and she looks like it – so innocent and sexy at the same time – gorgeous!
    -e (

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