Dear Blank

I have accidentally spent too many hours on this website.

Submit your own Dear Blank letter.

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13 thoughts on “Dear Blank

  1. kristina says:

    haha! love this!
    dear tasty food,
    can you please get out of here right now?
    someone with little discipline 😉
    how’s that?

  2. Amanda Hill says:

    I will admit I am not that good with grammar and spelling! Sorry!

  3. Dear bad influence,


    Won’t get my deadline done.

  4. Dear Sabra,

    I will not return to work until I read everything on this site.

    Future Unemployed Molliee

  5. danielle says:

    These are AMAZING. Love them 🙂

  6. elizabeth says:

    That site is amazeballs – just spent two hours there. It’s wonder I have a job.

  7. birdie to be says:

    Haha… these are great!

    Dear Pinterest,

    You are fabulous. Please enter my home and make yourself comfortable!



  8. Julip Made says:

    Dear Sabra,

    As if I needed another website to procrastinate with.

    Sincerely, Distracted

  9. designstiles says:

    I like

    Dear Officer,

    I’m not slurring, I’m speaking in cursive.

    Sincerely, Drunk.

    Thanks for the site. Now I’m gonna be distracted all day. : )

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