I’m totally into leaving out an entire portion of a garment. What do you think?

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9 thoughts on “Backless

  1. Abigail Johnston says:

    love! where can I find this?!

  2. Amanda Hill says:

    Yes its much prettier without them 🙂

  3. Bringing Sexy Back! Yes, I love open backs, especially since I am smaller in the front and do not need to wear a bra. gotta find the positive.

  4. V. zzexy. I would totally wear those. I am, sadly, flat-chested so no support needed! ;o)

  5. Julip Made says:

    I think showing off your back can be wayyy more sexy than a low cut top or short short dress. I’m not sure about the leather jacket though. If I’m putting down moola for some nice leather, I’m expecting no gaping holes. That sweater dress is perfect though!

  6. i love this look ~ especially the 2nd photo!
    xx ~ kristina

  7. I am definitely into this look! love it:)

  8. elizabeth says:

    I love those pics and I used to do backless tops and dresses all the time! Nowadays the girls need some support though…I do think the back is so sexy – you could totally rock this look!
    -e (

  9. So pretty. I love dresses with cut out backs. Now, I just need to work on acquiring a something like this 🙂

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