Oh Yes We Did

We look for every chance to pose as tourists in our own city and when the sister-in-law and her husband came to visit this weekend, it was the ideal opportunity to embarrass ourselves and eat with abandon. This means renting a four-person bicycle, sightseeing, and stuffing our faces with chocolate cake. We had a ball!

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8 thoughts on “Oh Yes We Did

  1. i LOVE, love being a tourist in my own city ~ especially S.F., where i used to live!!
    xo ~ kristina

  2. Tracey says:

    Oh man…love that!

  3. that cake looks amazing!!

  4. Julip Made says:

    That bike looks like so much fun! We were playing tourist in DC with the Boy’s parents… did the obligatory White House/ Mall tour and of course eating out… ohhh the food… so much and so good.

  5. Holly says:

    That bike is ricking my world! I have never seen that, ever.

  6. Naomi says:

    Love everything about this post! Every time I travel I come home determined to be more of a tourist in my own city. Then I forget. Props to you and that bike looks like a blast.

  7. Is that Balboa Park? Except for the zoo, I’ve only been there once, and I still can’t believe that. It’s expansive and pretty with so much culture.

    I would totally do the 4 person bike! We are trying to get a group together to do a duffy in Newport Harbor. It’s supposed to be a blast.

  8. this looks like you had such a blast! how fun:) and yummy chocolate cake!!!

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