Summer Street Style

I’m playing some serious catch-up at work and at home right now.  That’s what happens when you spend 3 days in a mojito-roulette-pool party haze. What I’d rather be doing is strutting down the sidewalk in a breezy maxi. This is what I consider to be the perfect summer weekend uniform.


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13 thoughts on “Summer Street Style

  1. I want to be girl number 3. Can I be girl number 3? Saving this one.

  2. Belen says:

    Love this post! I live in Maxi’s all summer long. Been wearing a lot of maxi skirts lately too. Easy breezy.

  3. Great maxis! I live in these as much as I can during the summer and at 5’2″ i like to pair with some wedges if I’m feeling crazy that day. Btw – maxis are the perfect attire when you are in a mojito binge.

  4. oh i LOVE these!, especially that last one! so comfy yet pretty 😉 happy wednesday to you!
    xo ~ kristina

  5. Julip Made says:

    I haven’t gotten the guts yet to pull off a maxi. Even though I’m 5’9″ I feel like I look stumpy wearing them, but these are making me reconsider. I agree with the other ladies… that blue number is fabulous and carefree!

  6. SageMag says:

    So simple yet so chic. I really want to buy a cute printed maxi dress with short sleeves or one with a thicker strap but haven’t found one I like yet.

  7. We need to hang out. Seriously.

    I’m with Elizabeth, that breezy blue number is calling my name (plus the photo and feeling is just pretty)!

  8. These ladies look so effortlessly chic. I love it.

    Good luck playing catch up 🙂

  9. elizabeth says:

    OOOh, the second blue one makes me soooo happy! I am totally avoiding work and looking at design blogs. I am not a good employee.
    e (

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